NEW! "Services Wanted" Section

We are pleased to introduce the next feature that aligns with our vision to posting things wanted. In addition to finding items wanted, users can post SERVICES that they need. It could be that you need a dog sitter, babysitter, a plumber, or a lawn mower repair. But not only is this for those types of in person services but also services that can be done remotely. Examples of this would include needing a logo, website, an accountant, a lawyer, a software developer, artist, marketer, etc. This type of offer aligns very well with the Wishmay mission.

We are aware there are services like this presently, however, we felt that those services have issues because of their business models. They take commission away from the seller and in some cases, they also charge extra fees to the buyer. Because of this, the freelancers must take these extra charges into account when pricing their services, often resulting in a higher cost to the buyer. Our solution (once we finish beta testing) is a simple subscription model in which it will be free post a service request and freelancers/contractors will subscribe monthly (cancel at any time), or they can pay per posting. This is the most simple economical way that is fair to everyone. Also, Wishmay is not involved in any transactions. Arrangement for buying/selling is arranged between the customer and service provider. Wishmay is providing the means to bring a customer and service provider together and then our job is complete. But just like the items wanted section, there are tools for price negotiation and messaging, etc. Again, there are no fees for contractors/freelancers at this time.

More details will be posted in the coming days under our 'How It Works' section, but in the meantime, if you have any questions, use the Contact form.

***During this time, we are NOT supporting freelancers/contractors that are not located in the United States or Canada but may in the near future. ***